SEP #1 Cancer Sucks!

We’ve got a project from our teacher that we have to choose one topic about our favourite things like hobby or even our interest. This project called “Sinabung English Project”. That at the end of the semester, we have to make one paper and a presentation about our topic. Then i decided to excavate about cancer.

The reason why i choose cancer as my project’s topic is because i have been curious about that deadly cell. I have so many questions about cancer. I heard that cancer can cause a death to many people and haven’t been found the effectual cure.

Some people told me that everyone have germs of cancer in their body. Some of it is malignant and could spread all over their body and some of them are tame. One day, that cancer germs could also be malignant if you eat some food that trigger. For example, eating too much junk food, because there are some viands that could make cancer germs more violent.
So that is one of the reason why i want to know more.
And I also choose this topic because I hate how cancer took many people life and also some of my family members. One of them, have survived from this breast cancer. She was so weak, thin, and she have lost lot of her hair. She hasn’t fully recovered, but she’s a strong and optimist to herself. One day, she told me, the cure is only to be optimist and happy, because it makes your body produce positive hormones and it could heal the cancer. She never gives up, although her husband has dead a few years ago.

I think this is a brilliant project, because it makes us read more about these topics and also not make us bored at doing this project. Also it makes our perception about others topic or even our own topic wider. In this project, we’re gonna found so many new vocabulary that make us way more easier at making articles and make us learn english faster and easier. Yet this could be an education or an inspiration for everyone.
What i’m planning to do for this project is to do some research about cancer more deeper. I also want to ask some people that has been living with cancer. Wherefore my hobby is drawing, i want to make some drawing about cancer. I want to make people know about cancer, so this project have many benefits not only for me, but also for my environment, i want to make this project helpful for other people. But i don’t want to make people bored to read and learn, i want to make people interest and read my articles.


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  1. Light Remix says:

    cancer is an interesting choice, indeed.
    i would normally prefer other stuff such as gaming, art or engineering but this one, this topic is an interesting choice since health is rarely talked about.

    anyway, good luck


  2. M.Benita says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  3. Alanna umi says:

    i like your choice! you “help” cancer survived, even you just write a article about cancer, i think you can make more interesting than this and i like your mindmap too its full of information about the cancer, hope your family member that survived for cancer get well soon:)


  4. Ray Ronald says:

    Its a unique topic, when the other kids choose their hobby for this project, you choose this good topic. I am waiting your article and presentation about this topic. Then, I got many new words from your article.


  5. M.Benita says:

    i agree that cancer is annoying illness. It already took several my family member too. And i am impress too about the cancer survivor such as your one of family member


  6. you're kind. I think, this topic was a little bit complex. so you could learn about cancer more deeper and then you can share your info to all human races in this world, you could save them.


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