#SEP 2 Enjoyed the Research.


Few days ago, i’ve research more info about cancer.  Thereafter, i search some articles on internet, but it wasn’t satisfied me of what i’ve found. So, i solicit some titles in my little library, and got dug into that small mountain of books. After i read one book, it makes me want to read and know more about it.

Time flew fast.
My eyes poignant.
It make me stopped.
And rest for a while.
Then i lay down on sofa, when i looked at the small table beside me, what i saw made me smile a little. It’s a book titled Ecce. Dente. Siast. Or more as known for The One Who Fakes a Smile. And it made me realise that i have that wonderful book. This book was written by Anissa Tiara (she’s a friend of my friend’s) on that book, she wrote how her mom struggling against the cancer her mom’s had. This book not only inspiring and gave some information to me, but it also made me cry, eventually.
From that book, i got view point from whom that had live with cancer. I’ve tried to ask one of my family member that i’ve been told you, but evidently, she’s a sealed person and choose not to tell her personal story about cancer.
But i haven’t got ample information about cancer from articles in the internet. So i still have to search more from books and other source.
I guarantee this project will came out maximal.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Ray Ronald says:

    Good effort! You get the information from the book, search it, read it one by one until your eyes got poignant. I appreciate it. Keep up the good work.


  2. Awesome! you choose a different topic with your friend, and it's very intresting. and should i ask where can i buy the book?


  3. M.Benita says:

    Looking forward for your next progress about your project 😀 I like that you use diverse vocabulary so that can be easily read and understand. And its nice that you can share a little bit story about a wonderful book and author.


  4. Raffa Ridhan says:

    Wow, your topic sounds interesting. While the others talk about their hobby you talk about cancer. Good job!!!!


  5. wow, your topic is good i think this topic is cool because different with your friend.


  6. I love your writing, it's very good. And it's an interesting topic. I looking forward to your next post.


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