Reading Racing #2 "enjoying every single words"

So, these past 2 weeks, i’ve read some books. I have reach; 2 books and 20 articles. According to my own target last 3 weeks, my target was to read 3 books and 8 articles, but I only archived; 3 books and 6 articles. The other 2 articles, I put it to my next reading target.
After all that i’ve been through, I have accomplished 5 books and 28 articles in this “Reading Racing” program. Average, I only search something that I really interest to read, either it’s books or articles. When I read something that I really like it, it makes me want to read more and read faster, because I enjoyed it. That’s my strategy; to read something that i’ll enjoy it, if I think I will not enjoy that reading, I will not continue it. Because it will took long time for me to finish that book.
But for myself, I am more enjoy to read a book with genre sci-fi, history, or philosophy.

So here are some books i’ve read:

Some of these book, I borrowed from my cousin and some of them are mine.
And here are magazine / books i’ve read, that contains articles:
Usually, when i will read a book that contains so many articles, first I pick some articles that looks interesting for me. For example, I’ll choose an article that have some image or illustrator, so I don’t get bored while reading.

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