Last Semester

For me the last semester was went pretty well and fun. Well, it is a fun semester, but nothing interesting for me. I mean there are no project that I really interest in and everything went the same with other semester in 7th grade or even 8th grade. Instead, our semesters on 8th grade were more utter a shout and it’s a cup of tea for me. Because there was a trip to Lasem and Semarang that i was really excited about. Though I know there will be a next journey to village in some hinterland near Bandung. I don’t know why I don’t feel very excited about that trip. I guess i’m just to nervous about our final exam. Speaking about our next final exam, for me, last semester we didn’t prepare much the material-material about final exam. Why I think we didn’t prepare much? Because I know Semi Palar have a different concept with other school, automatically our method of learning is different with other basic school. So i’m pretty worry that we’re gonna have some big difficulty about it. Also, we still have so many material that we haven’t learn, which other school have.

Maybe, we were to focus on those project that still pile up. Well, actually with that project method will help us when we will enter high school or university. Like making power point, presentation in front of our teacher, friends, nor strangers, make maquette, discussion in group, nor make a video. That’s what they’re looking for. But maybe, it will me more swish if amount of the project be more diminish. It’s okay to have those project, provided duration of the project is longer, so we can be more focus, tranquil, and the result is more ideal.

I hope in this and next semester, we can have many great outing or trip. Also we can meet many other great personage for our project. Maybe sometimes we can study somewhere outside of school, for new experience. Because its pretty boring for always studying on our class.
I really hoping that our preparation for out next final exam will work, so we can study much without feeling depress or stress. But I know Semi Palar’s method was and it is the best. So we have to let it flow. For kaka-kakak, please give us more practice and exercise so we are more prepared for the final exam. And please could you make it less the project so we can have more time at making one project, so we can make it satisfying and more gratify. But also, make every project more focus with our semester’s topic, so it’s not deviated. For some refreshing, maybe we can do some activity with Play Group or Kindergarten class. Besides, we are seldom at doing activity with our small friends.
Also, please surprise us with a fun trip or outing and other great thing that we really waiting for.

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