SEP #3 excitement

This weeks, my progress on this SEP was not that significant. Honestly, I haven’t read any books or even website about my topics yet. For me, last week was a tight week for me. There were many important schedule and activity, especially what it calls family time. From that special precious moment, eventually, it came out helps my project about cancer. I meet with one of my cousin, that gonna work as a doctor. Well, I didn’t expect her to come to that family reunion, because usually she didn’t come.

Then I choose to talk to her after I have finished all of my conversation with my family.
And then I talk to her about cancer topic for my SEP. I asked her if she has any friends or if she know any of the thing about cancer. She answered, that she does know about cancer, but not as much as her friends, because she didn’t want to be a specialist at cancer. Luckily, she has a few friends that can take me to the laboratory and explain about it. Evidently, her friends are specialist in mammae cancer, or much known as breast cancer.
After I have this pretty long conversation with her, she gave me a few suggestion about my topic in this project. She was prompted that what if i’m not only explain the outline about cancer. She told me it will be nicer if I put some types of cancer for examples. So when I presented about my cancer in front of my class, they will understand and it will be more visible to them.
Then, I have guff about my problem in this project, that is to find some people that could share with me about their cancer experience. And again she suggested, she will escort me to some patient that routine come to Hasan Sadikin Hospital. After I heard that sentences came from her mouth, I felt so relieve.
And all thanks to her.

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