SEP progress

Why did I choose cancer?
What is cancer?
How normal cells act?
The differences between cancer and tumor
How cancer starts?
How cancer spread and arises?
Characteristic of a person suffering cancer
Indication that someone is ail with cancer
Organs that can be struck by cancer
Actually there are so many types of cancer. But I will give you one example that I known well about it.
How to survive from cancer?
Stories from some people that has suffering cancer. –What does it feels like when the cancer is recurrent?
A few days ago, I’ve had few conversations with peoples that have suffering or even survive from cancer. Eventually it came out those patient were suffering for breast cancer.
42 years old
She was diagnosed with breast cancer last January, when she felt there’s some bulge came out on her right breast. But though it didn’t feel hurt. Then she chose to come to the nearest hospital in Cianjur. After she was finished check out, they diagnosed her that she was stricken with breast cancer, so they suggested her to go to Hasan Sadikin Hospital. Luckily, when she went to RSHS, she rapidly got a room to be treated.
The conclusion
So this is what i’ve got. Sorry if it’s to short.


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