The Jatigede dam

For me, I didn’t quite understand what is the purpose of making this dam in the first place. Well, I know this dam was made to irrigate water to some cities, like Majalengka, Cirebon, and Indramayu. But I didn’t know that this dam also send water to Sumedang too. Because as far as I known, instead, Sumedang (the current city where Jatigede dam located) doesn’t get that irrigation. I though this wasn’t fair for the society around the dam. Also, i’ve got some information that the dweller who’s lived in the area where the dam was been made, was forced to move somewhere else not far from the dam. The government promised to the society, that they will gave them somewhere place to live and they will give money for fee to make a new house. But it came out the government didn’t fulfil pledge they’ve maid. Eventually, they only gave about half of the money they’ve deal with. Moreover, some of the society confessed that the government haven’t give any of the money to them. Shockingly, few families didn’t want to move anywhere. For examples, Cipaku (small village that some of the society haven’t move anywhere). And for a little information, we will go to this village next week to do some research and to see directly what is it like to be inside that dam.


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