i don’t even know what to say when people starting to ask me “owh you’re going to finland for holiday? what are you doing there? what’s the most interest thing in finland? have you seen the aurora? why did you want to go there in the first place? what’s the most famous thing from finland anyway? or are you gonna go to the santa’s house?” and all i can say is just. eh, moomin? but some people don’t even know what moomin is anyway. nor, some people don’t even know that angry bird and nokia was made in finland. well, can’t blame them tho. if i don’t have any family or any relationship with finland, i probably wouldn’t know about it either.

well yes, many people knows finland for their best education (yup there are no math nor physics. how crazy is that?!) and sadly, yes indeed, finland is one of the country that have lots of suicide. the society said one of the reasons is because of the weather. they said they didn’t get lots of sunshine. and that thing causes depression on the society. where they will end up have a mental illness or get drunk every single day. personally, i still don’t get about it tho. yes, i think i will be stressed if i didn’t get lots of sunshine in a year. but really, is it really making you depressed? well i’m not here to judge or anything. i was just wondering. i can’t judge. because me, myself, live in a warm, tropical country. so i don’t know how it feel to live in a country that most of the time are cold. i saw a few drunk people in the street every time i walk in the city. usually i saw them on the city (usually near rautatieasema) or on kontula (one of the gangster place in helsinki.) and i think it gets more and more drunk people every time i went here.
live in finland is guaranteed. since most of the society here doesn’t want to have a child, so the population here are only about 5 million people. meanwhile in indonesia? 249 million. because the government in finland see that as a problem and also as a thread for their own country, so they will always make sure that the society lives well and happy. for example, each babies that born in finland, will surely got a box that full with babies needs, like bottle for milk, pacifier, blanket, clothes, shoes, milk, and also some stuff for the mother’s. guess what? the box itself, can turn into a bed for the baby. genius isn’t it? and how about the school? no need to be worry. they don’t have to pay for school, until you reach the university. and as i said, the student can choose if they want to take the math and physics class or not? also, the teacher here are trying their best to make the kids enjoy their learning. well actually here, in finland, people is more respect to the teacher than to other job. also, teacher got more salary than doctor or any other job. they believe that everyone can be success because of their teacher. but even people outside of finland always think that finland’s education is the best way and also schools here are fun and enjoyable, some how students here still thinks that they’re under pressure. they think that they have to go to school even though they don’t want to. strange it is. people always thought that finland is the centre of the education. although their society doesn’t feel like it.

instead, every residents will get free education from kindergarten until they got their bachelor degree. but because of that, i think many people there are just really lazy to go to school.


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